04 November, 2011

The Predicteds by Christine Seifert.

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The Predicteds by Christine Seifert.


342 pages.
Published September 1st 2011/Sourcebooks Fire.

The Predicteds revolves around a program called PROFILE that has been tested in Daphne's new school. The program separates the criminals from the average citizens. However, for Daphne, instead of making her feel safer in the world, it has her life a whole lot harder. With judgmental friends and a Predicted crush, life in Quiet is going to get a hell of lot more adventurous.
I will be completely honest by saying that I had a really hard time trying to review and rate this book. I didn't hate, it has very interesting moments but I can't say that I really liked either. I did like it, however. 
Imagine knowing your future. Knowing you are going to something that will a whole chain of events into motion. Seifert's The Predicteds has a great premise that fits into modern day reading. You can tell Seifert has put a lot of work into creating the PROFILE program for the book and for me, it was such an interesting concept.
The rest of the plot however, was a little more disarrayed. It is both lagging and moving too fast in different sections of the book. The beginning gave the book a very interesting and page-turning feel, but sadly, it doesn't last. The middle of the book of was very slow and when it came to the ending which was meant to be the most climatic part of the book, it just fell short.
The is a considerable group of characters in the novel. Daphne, the heroine, is a smart yet average girl who tends to be quite the klutz. This klutziness is how see meets the good looking Jesse. Jesse's character was, for how Seifert had written him, still a little bland in personality. He never said anything interesting. Also, there was very little romantic chemistry between Daphne and Jess. The only reason I could see Daphne falling for Jesse is due to the fact he saved her life more than once.
The minor characters such a Dizzy and her group of friends were very irritating. They were judgmental and hypocritical and I don't see how a girl Daphne stayed friends with them. 
Overall, the book did not meet my expectations. However, it does showcase important themes such as morality and judgment. The Predicteds was a tolerable and passable book.
Rating: 3/5.

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