24 January, 2012

Imperial Trilogy.

I wanted to let you all know about a trilogy I read last week called the 'Imperial Trilogy' written by Mark Robson.

Imperial SpyImperial AssassinImperial Traitor (Imperial Trilogy)

Book 1 of the series is called Imperial Spy and revolves around Femke, a kick-ass female spy who is entrusted with a foreign mission by the new Emperor Surabar. However, things take a turn when she framed for two murders in the foreign land. The only people to help her are, Reynik, a young soldier and anyone else he can rope in to help.

Book 2 of the trilogy is called Imperial Assassin and follows Reynik on his mission to help the Emperor take down the Guild of Assassins. With the help of Femke, he has three weeks to train before infiltrating the Guild, which over centuries no-one has found.

Book 3, the final book of Robson's series is called Imperial Traitor and starts where Imperial Assassin leaves off. Reynik and Femke must come up with the a plan to take out the Guild once and for all. I'd advise not to go to the Goodreads page and read the blurb until you have read the first and second book.

I loved this series and would advise you all to read them!

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