19 April, 2012

The Dragon's Eye by Corey Guerra

The Dragon's EyeName: The Dragon's Eye by Corey Guerra.
Pages: 232.
Publication: Unknown.
Rating: ½
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"Dive into the ancient world of Fael-wen; a land where humans, dragons, elves and other creatures roam. Meet Makayla, a druid in training who is plagued by dreams about a treasure from long ago. As she struggles to balance her training and the dreams, she'll find that there is more to her than she ever knew. Along the way Makayla's dedication and loyalty will be tested and she will find help where she least expects it. In the end Makayla will discover that in order to succeed, she will first have to believe in herself."

"The story takes place in the land of Fael-wen, a land with humans, elves, magic, and of course, dragons.  Hundreds of years ago, during The Great War, The Dragon's Eye was used to help rid the land of evil.  Believed to be lost, The Dragon's Eye has since become legend." - Author Corey Guerra.
The Dragon's Eye revolves around Kedo-in-training Makayla, who is haunted by a recurring dream. A dream that is putting more and more stress on her and her training. Makayla and her mentor set off on a journey to the Giadi council to see how Makayla and her dreams are attached to the Dragon's Eye.

The story follows Makayla and four other characters: Alis, her red-headed mentor training her to become a Giadi and Almar, a burly soldier of the Llorenarr kingdom who accompanies Alis and Makayla on their journey. Makayla is a strong female lead. She handles things well even if she does have her moments like we all do. 

We also have Corrin and Kay, two outlaws with good hearts and who are my two favourite characters. I enjoyed their interactions with each other as well with Makayla, Alis and Almar. Kay is the comic relief of book full of witty one-liners and retorts. Corrin has to be favourite, however. There is something so genuine about him and I liked how we were given a bit of his back-story. I hope Guerra writes a sequel so I can read more about Corrin and his history. I also found his friendship with Makayla really sweet. I might even ship them a little!

At the beginning of the story I was little lost as to what was going on. I did not understand what a Kedo or Giadi was etc. but, do not fear readers, all is explained in the first half of the book and everything clicks together very well.

The language in The Dragon's Eye is quite formal. All the character's speak well as if they are all educated which at times creates a stiffness for the characters, but hey, I would rather have a formal writing than bad writing and The Dragon's Eye is very well written.

Guerra has created a wonderfully vivid world where all the popular creatures of folklore exist. Not only has he created a interesting world that captivates the reader, he has also made a logical world. From reading The Dragon's Eye, I can tell Guerra put a lot of work into writing a world that had depth which permeates throughout the story when you are given snippets of the Fael-wen world's history.

Final Thought.
Give it a read. Guerra has created an really interesting set in a world of magic and myth. I do hope a sequel is written to follow Makayla on her journey.

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