11 May, 2012

Make Me by Parker Blue

Make Me (Demon Underground, #4)Name: Make Me (Demon Underground #4) by Parker Blue. 
Pages: 224.
Publication: 15th April 2012/Bell Bridge Books.
Rating: ½
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"Shapiro has a secret she’s desperate to keep—she’s lost her slayer powers. As the new guardian of the Encyclopedia Magicka, Val expected the books to give her powers to replace those that disappeared after she lost her “V card” to Shade. But the encyclopedia exacts a price for every spell, making the job of guardian a tricky proposition.

When a rogue demon kidnaps Val’s roommate Gwen and Micah, leader of the San Antonio Demon Underground, Val is plunged into the middle of a Solomon’s Choice. The rogue wants the dangerously potent Encyclopedia Magicka in exchange for her friends’ lives; the succubus leader of the Demon Underground in Austin is demanding the books be destroyed rather than let them fall into the wrong hands and wants Shade for herself, swearing to do everything she can to prevent Val’s turning over the books. 

The kidnapping isn’t the only crisis Val faces. She’s been betrayed by Fang. Demons and vampires are disappearing. The vamps of the New Blood Movement are forcing Val to keep the terms of her agreement to work for them to combat this new threat. 
The Demon Underground is challenging Micah's leadership, and everyone is depending on a now-powerless Val to set things right. Val needs all the help she can get. Even if it means forgiving Fang and spending time with a dangerously sexy cowboy-vampire."

First things first, of all the Demon Underground books, Make Me has the least appealing cover but do not let the overly cartoony, childish cover put you off the book.

Poor Val. It seems that trouble just follows her and she cannot do anything about it. Now that she has lost her Slayer powers, all she has is Lola, the succubus within her, which is helpful, but having accelerated healing powers, speed and strength sure did come in handy when fighting the bad Vampires. The good Vampires, however? Well, she has a contract with them to help them until they unveil themselves to the world, which is not going as smoothly as head Vamp, Alejandro, had hoped.

Now, to help clean up this mess, Val is on her way to Austin with Alejandro, his right hand Vamp, the sexy southern Austin, and Jack, ex-keeper of the Encyclopedia Magicka, who is going to teach present keeper, Val, all there is to know about the books. Oh, and do not forget jealous boyfriend, shadow demon Shade, you demands on following Val there. What is the worst that can happen? Well, this is Val we are talking about and everyone, demon and vampire alike seems to be leaning on her for help.

The Demon Underground series is a well built world with each book being highly entertaining. The character's are likable even if a lot of the characters walk in and out of the books, such as Dan, who was pretty big in the first, but now, has turned quite one dimensional and plays a very minute role. 

Make Me has a large sub-plot that on Val's personal struggle with Shade. This was not a very enjoyable sub-plot, mainly because Shade completely changed in this book, even without a certain someone's help. (I'm trying not to spoil here!) From the start of the book, he seems resentful of her despite the fact that Val gave up her super powers when she lost her virginity to him.

The books are also quite short, with Make Me being only 224 pages. This is a good thing, it means the story are fast paced and you will not get bored of the series as it is not drawn out.

Final Thought.
Although less actiony than the past three books of the series, Make Me is still interesting and shakes up the Val's world. Who knows where book five will lead too?

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