21 November, 2011

Fang Me (Demon Underground #3) by Parker Blue

Fang Me (Demon Underground, #3)

 Fang Me (Demon Underground #3) by Parker Blue.

194 Pages
Publication: March 2011/Bell Bridge Books

The third in the Demon Underground series, Val is back and is on the hunt for the Encyclopedia Magicka. But Val isn't the only one looking for it. She also have to avoid getting killed by vampires and even demons.
However, Val also so has personal problems. Is she willing give herself to her wonderfully sweet boyfriend Shade and risk losing demon powers which defy her as 'The Slayer'? Is she going to finally give the succubus within her, which she calls Lola have what she wants?

What I love about Parker Blue's series is the fact that it still hasn't lost it's edge. The book is short which means the plot is fast. There is no boring page in the Fang Me which is what I loved about it.  The action is constant, page after page. 

I felt for Val in Fang Me because she has a lot to contend with. Keeping her deal with Alejandro, finding the books, making sure her love life is still in tact and is it worth losing her virginity and lose her heightened powers. That's a lot for an eighteen year old's plate. But she doesn't whine about it and I love that. She thinks about it sure, but at the end of the day, Val knows that whining won't get her anywhere unlike many female heroines. 
There was new characters introduced in Fang Me. Trevor, the supposed keeper of the Encyclopedia Magicka, but Val has a funny feeling about him unlike her boyfriend, Shade, who has quickly bonded with smooth talking new comer. 
In Fang Me, Dan's status as a main character is replaced by Shade, since Val is no longer working with Dan or the SCU. I missed Dan to be honest and I was glad to see him pop up towards the latter end of the book. I do like Shade though and I enjoyed reading more about him and his power as a shadow demon. 

I found reading about Shade and Val's relationship very enjoyable. Their relationship was truly realistic. They both had obstacles to overcome as well as making the big decision of giving themselves fully to each other. As well as that, Shade challenged Val. Val the kick-ass, head strong female was shown by Shade that it is okay to need someone and to ask for help. 

Overall, I found Fang Me highly likable and  entertaining. It was full of action, romance and of course, Fang, kept the book hell-houndedly humorous. Fang Me didn't end on too much of a cliff-hanger which I get great pleasure from. I'd definitely advise to read the Demon Underground Series as the fourth novel in the series, Make Me, is out in Spring 2012.

Rating: 4/5.

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