05 March, 2012

Forgiven (The Demon Trappers #3) by Jana Oliver

Forgiven (The Demon Trappers, #3)Name: Forgiven by Jana Oliver.
Pages: 407.
Publication: 1st March (UK)/27th March (US) 2012/Macmillan Children's Books.
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 "Riley Blackthorne. Kicking hell’s ass one demon at a time... 

Riley has made a bargain with Heaven, and now they've come to collect. 

Lucifer's finest are ruling the streets and it seems that Armageddon might be even closer than Riley imagined. But with her soul and her heart in play it's all she can do to keep herself alive, let alone save the world. Riley's not afraid of kicking some major demon butt, but when it comes to a battle between Heaven and Hell, she might need a little help..."

Review. Likely to have a few spoilers.
It's 2018 in Atlanta and demons still run riot but this time they seem to be that much tougher. For demon-trapper Riley, demons are just one of her problems. The Vatican and yes, the Pope are waiting for her to make one bad move, Heaven is counting on her, she has boy troubles and she still has to get her homework done for her classes, life is not easy. Yet, neither is stopping a war between Heaven and Hell, which Riley has to do also. How hard can it be? 

Forgiven is more focused on Riley and how is she is dealing with, well, pretty much everything that has happened since book one. She has to deal with how it feels to see her Father again under such strange circumstances as well as the ever old issues of boys. Although Ori may be gone, he still lingers in her head and her heart. She also has to put up with Simon, he ex-boyfriend who believes she works for hell even though Riley is the reason he is still alive.

I love that Oliver has left Peter as just Riley's best friend. He has no hidden feelings for her and is there for her. I'm glad she did not write a love triangle with Riley, Beck and Peter or in this, pentagon, Riley, Beck, Peter, Ori and the still hateful Simon.

I really enjoyed the increased presence of the Demon Hunters. It was fun to have a few fresh characters. They are more three dimensional in Forgiven than they were in the second book, Forbidden. As well as the Hunters, seeing more of Mort, the necromancer and Ayden, the witch and their powers was refreshing.

The one disappointing aspect for me is the fact we see barely any demon-trapping from Riley. in the three books, her skills have barely developed and the only way she seems to get a good trap is if someone is in danger and her adrenaline kicks in. I thought at this stage, she might have learned a few new tricks but sadly, no.

Final Thought.
Although, not the best of the Demon Trappers Series and a little more fillery than I would like, I am sure Forgiven is leading us up to an epic finish in the fourth book, Foretold.

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