13 March, 2012

Oppression (Children of the Gods #1) by Jessica Therrien

Oppression (Children of the Gods, #1)Name: Oppression (Children of the Gods #1) by Jessica Therrien. 
Pages: 346.
Publication: 28th February 2012/Zova Books.  
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"Elyse knows what it means to keep a secret. She's been keeping secrets her whole life. Two, actually. First, that she ages five times slower than the average person, so that while she looks eighteen years old, she's closer to eighty. Second, that her blood has a mysterious power to heal. For Elyse, these things don't make her special. They make life dangerous. After the death of her parents, she's been careful to keep her secret as closely guarded as possible. Now, only one other person in the world knows about her age and ability. Or so she thinks. Elyse is not the only one keeping secrets. There are others like her all over the world, descendants of the very people the Greeks considered gods. She is one of them, and they have been waiting for her for a long time. Among so many of her kind, she should not be very remarkable--except for the prophecy. Some believe she will put an end to traditions, safeguarded by violence, which have oppressed her people for centuries. Others are determined to keep her from doing just that. But for Elyse, the game is just beginning--and she's not entirely willing to play by their rules."

Elyse is eighty nine years old yet she only look eighteen. That is because she is a Descendant, except she does not that because she believes that herself and her deceased parents are the only people with such slow aging genes. Due to these genes, she moves around A LOT. Her newest home, San Francisco. 

I do have questions about the whole age thing, like what about puberty? How they develop both physically and mentally because although Elyse is eighty nine, she thinks and acts like a teenager but should she not think like a eighty nine year old woman? I do not know, but I would like to know about the aging concept.

Elyse, such a pretty name, as a character was interesting in the way she is a very moral person. She wants to help as many people as possible. Yet, she is humanized but the selfishness we all have; wanting to save the ones we love despite if it is the right or wrong thing to do.

William, Elyse's love interest is introduced very well; the handsome guy who you look at for little too long in the local coffee shop. We've all done it. That being said, after we meet him and the insta-love occurs. You all know if you have been on my blog before, I hate insta-love. HATE IT. I do not care if it is their destiny or fate or whatever, I will condemn a book, no how much I like the rest of it, on insta-love. Sorry, no offense to authors, I rant about rushed love all the time. William actually reminded me of Edward from Twilight a little, he says a lot of romantic things and is also a little too protective (Well, Edward, is actually super creepily protective, William is in no way, that protective).

To be honest, my favorite character is Kara. She seems really interesting and I am hoping she plays a large part in the second book. 

What kept me interested in Oppression is the Greek mythology throughout. I loved Greek mythology and it is very interesting reading about all the bloodlines.

The whole book felt a filler to me. There was a lot of repetitiveness about what Elyse was going to do and some scenes not needed. Nothing exciting really happened in Oppression. I expected a lot more action especially with all these people with powers but alas, no. I wish we were told more about the Council, to understand the antagonists a bit more. 

Final thought.
A unique novel with a fresh take on Greek mythology that is interesting yet has no real climax at all.

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